We have a complete testing environment for validation high speed serial communications. It is the only protocol analyzer in the world that uses our proprietary protocol engine, so every bit is captured, even across complex or custom protocol specifications.

With the protocol engine, we can support all major high speed communication protocols,
  • CPRI
  • Serial RapidIO
  • Fiber Channel
  • Ethernet (10, 100, 1000, 10G)
  • Serial FPDP



The hardware contains a number of different applications to thoroughly test and validate communications.

These applications include:
  • Protocol Analysis:

  • This application is the foundation of the tool. It contains a 1GB per channel capture engine that can be triggered on a variety of trigger conditions, internal or external. Once captured, the data can be displayed in frame, word or bit view, depending on how granular the user needs to see the data.

  • Traffic Generation:

  • The user can send simple frames across the link, essentially allowing Investigator to be used to simulate another device on the link. User-definable patterns can be constructed using our FrameBuilder, and sent with different timing schedules across multiple ports.

  • Error Injection:

  • Error injection will purposely inject various error conditions into the link to check proper device recovery. This is done at full line-rate speed so real error conditions can be simulated. Some examples of error injection capabilities include removing complete frames, inserting incorrect values, and even flipping single bits.

  • Delay Injection:

  • Cable delay or device response delay can be simulated using the Delay Injection application. This allows users to simulate various real world response conditions.

  • Protocol Editor:

  • In situations where the protocol being implemented is either a modification of an existing specification or a completely new protocol, users can use the Protocol Editor application to construct the frames necessary for proper decode in the Trace Viewer. Currently, this application is restricted to 8B/10B protocols.